0.9.4 – Balancing, new weapons and more

Hey there!

It's Friday and it's update time!

As said in our “Why early access?” section on steam... we want to involve our early access supporters in development of
the game.

Because it’s not the first time that we’ve received a proposal for stamina to regenerate itself instantly once you
clear the room, we've added this feature.

Some of our players also pointed out that they don’t see much sense in waiting for their health to regenerate if they
have a health regeneration relic. They see it as an exploit. After thinking about it for some time, I’ve decided that
they're right and that the relic should be removed. So it’s gone… for now :D

The whole point of the daily run is to achieve the highest score. Until now if you didn’t die… you could clear every
room and in the end your score would be very similar to your rival’s score.

That’s why from now on speed and remaining gold is being rewarded. If you complete a run under 40, 30 or 25 minutes
you’ll get 10000 bonus score for each mark. Also at the end of the run remaining gold now gets transformed into score.

There are a lot of changes... Like 2 new special weapons and more. I recommend that you check all the changes with
shiny gifs on our blog post:



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Jan 11, 2019
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