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Mixture of procedurally generated action RPG and Tower Defense genre with roguelike elements. · By Hyper Fox Studios


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1.0.3 – Optimization, Bug Fixes and the Future
This week I focused on optimization and bug fixes. I also have some important news about the future of Reynard and Hyper Fox Studios. A lot of people asked me i...
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1.0.2 – Leagues, Hard Mode, Skeleton Mage, New Achievements and More
Hey there! It’s the first week after the release and I’m happy to say that this is my second update already! I know it’s not Friday… I’m releasing th...
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1.0.1 – Difficulty Modes and Other Options
Hey there! I couldn't sit still since I knew that some of you are struggling with the difficulty of the game... so I had a productive Sunday :) Difficulty Modes...
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Reynard Full Release
I could be chasing version 1.0 for months or even years. But everything has to have a goal or at least a major milestone, and my main goal was to release a game...
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0.9.9 – Bunny Skin, Turret Animations and More
Here's probably the last update before 1.0! Next week we're leaving early access :D As always I'm gonna recommend that you check all the new stuff on our blog p...
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0.9.8 – Ally Zombies, Ifrit’s Staff, and More
Sadly I was sick this week, but gladly I managed to prepare stuff for 0.9.8 version of Reynard! Only 2 more weeks from 1.0! As always I'm gonna recommend that y...
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0.9.7 – Numbers, Trophy and much More!
Hey there! Another Friday another update! We're getting closer to 1.0! :D As always I'd like to invite you to check out our blog post with flashy gifs and image...
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0.9.6 – Damage Numbers, Zoe, Resolution Improvement and More!
Hey there! I'm updating Reynard a day earlier since I won't be home on Friday! This update brings "damage numbers", "Zoe" and more! But as always! I'd recommend...
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This game looks really fun and nice. Is there going to be Linux support?
started by kleintux Aug 12, 2018
14 replies
We need to smash them as soon as possible... Bring em here :D
started by Hyper Fox Studios Aug 10, 2018
5 replies
Where do I find my steam key? The email said on the Downloads page but I can't see it...
started by alexjj Dec 07, 2018
3 replies
If you guys think that something cool can be added or improved, please let us know here :)
started by Hyper Fox Studios Aug 10, 2018
4 replies
Anything that comes on your mind...
started by Hyper Fox Studios Aug 10, 2018
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